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Sydney CDI 3* 2017

Sally Evans and A Spider Bite, Sydney CDI 3* 2017

Sally Evans and A Spider Bite, Sydney CDI 3*, April 2017. Photo: Amy-Sue Alston

We were just thrilled with CC at Sydney CDI – just amazing considering our lead up training to this show!!! I have been mostly working in a paddock on a slope at our new home. Not the best preparation, but CC just put it together.

I had some wonderful help from Sue Hearn at the show. She really helped CC put on her dancing shoes!!!!!!

The old team is back together to prepare on competition day – Peter and Sally. Except Charlie had to come with us… But after a day or so he just fit right in with the top dogs…  He had a gangster jacket on and a diamond studded collar.

Here our results:

FEI Intermediate Freestyle (CDI 3*) 68.17% (second)
Prix St Georges (CDI 3*) 66.66% (sixth)

Sally Evans and A Spider Bite, Sydney CDI 3* 2017

Sally Evans and A Spider Bite, Sydney CDI 3*, April 2017. Photo: Amy-Sue Alston

Sally Evans and A Spider Bite, Sydney CDI 3* 2017

Sally Evans and A Spider Bite, Sydney CDI 3*, April 2017. Photo: Amy-Sue Alston

Sally Evans and A Spider Bite, Sydney CDI 3* 2017

Sally Evans and A Spider Bite, Sydney CDI 3*, April 2017. Photo: Amy-Sue Alston



Far North Coast NSW Dressage Championships

Penny (A Heaven Sent) by Grand Prix Stallion A'Seduction, in training at Sally's Dressage Stables in 2012

Penny in training at SDS

Last weekend we went to the Far North Coast NSW Dressage Championships. I competed in the Advanced with Penny and did the Small Tour with CC. The girls went really well and Pen came a close second and third and C of course won both her classes. She did do a really good PSG, even scoring a 9!! and she got some supa comments from the judges.

This Sunday we have the TVEG Power of Pink Day, a day to remember Sue, as she always did this event to raise money for breast cancer. So we are taking the 2 girls again and doing the same classes. And the EA has given an excemption so we are allowed to dress up in our pink outfits and compete!!!!!! This will be good fun.


Grafton Dressage Championships 5-6 July 2014

Two weekends before we did the Grafton Dressage Championships. We took down all 3 of our competition horses, CC, Sydney and Penny.

CC did the Small Tour. She was very tense for the PSG and came third and then she stepped out and was way more into it. She did her first ever Intermediate 1 and she won with a score of 64%. She came home with a Reserve Champion.

Penny did the Elementary tests each day. She came second in each one beaten by another A’Seduction Baby, so of course we got another Reserve Championship. Penny was such a gallant girl. Only month before she has had another operation on her eyelid to have a tumor removed, and she had really only had about 10 days of some work towards this show. Pen has the most amazing attitude.

Sydney Boy, he went into two classes each day as he competed in the Preliminary and the Novice. Sydney came home with the Preliminary Championship Sash!!!!! Just missed out on the Novice Reserve Champ. We were very happy with him.

I had a few students competing against me at this Championship, and to my surprise Amelia and Lorraine beat me!!!!! Well done girls )))))))))) Luv you for it!!!!! Lorraine won the other Preliminary Championship!!!

And Lynne on her pony Karleah got the win in one Elementary and second in the other, for another Reserve Championship, very good scores…


The Power of Pink Dressage 2013

Sally Evans on Sydney at the "Power of Pink Dressage" of the Tweed Valley Equestrian Group in Murwillumbah in October 2013

Sally on Sydney at the “Power of Pink Dressage” of the Tweed Valley Equestrian Group in Murwillumbah on 6.10.2013

At the “Power of Pink Dressage” on 6 October, the Basil Babes got the Trifetcta: We won 3 Championships!!! We took A Sydney Boy into the Preliminary classes, A Heaven Sent (Penny) into the Novice classes and A Spider Bite (CC) into the Advanced. We had 6 tests and scored over 70% for 5 of them. Sydney got 72% for both the preliminary tests, Penny scored the highest percent for the day of the event with 73%, and CC got for both Advanced tests over 70%… so it was one of those WOW days….

Sue and Sally on CC at the "Power of Pink Dressage" 2013 in Murwillumbah

Sue and Sally on CC at the “Power of Pink Dressage” of the Tweed Valley Equestrian Group in Murwillumbah on 6.10.2013

CC in the Advanced at the "Power of Pink Dressage" 2013 of the Tweed Valley Equestrian Group in Murwillumbah

CC in the Advanced at the “Power of Pink Dressage” of the Tweed Valley Equestrian Group in Murwillumbah on 6.10.2013


Qld State Champs 2013

The Qld State Champs, very hot days, high temps of 36 degrees. 5 horses and I rode 25 times in 3 days. A marathon. I even had to go and buy some bike shorts with padding in the bottoms. He he!!! I have the most amazing team of fellow riders and lovers of Dressage to help me achieve this great effort. Sue, Lynne, Wendy and Felicia and Lizzie, they are all the most loving, caring and thoughtful girls you could have around you. They should be paid to go around the world grooming for world class dressage riders. Each horse was meticulously prepared and presented beautifully for me to ride. We had air conditioning in the van for instant quick recovery from the very warm riding conditions. It all worked amazingly well. I have come home feeling very well, even my sugars levels are pretty good.

As last year I was diagnosed with Diabeties, grruu bummer…..

Basil is so gentle and loved having any person in his stable with him, or Lizzie and Wendy taking him for a walk. Sydney and Penny were totally tired from standing in the stable and the heat, as they both laid down many times, even flat out like a pancake or Syd as big as he is, with his legs all folded up under him, looking very neat… Sue even had to plait him whilst he stayed laying down one time.

Karleah and CC seemed to get along pretty well, they acted like the true professional sportswomen!!!! A little grumbly in the faces at times but one hint of the carrot bag being opened and they have big happy faces on instantly :))

We came home with 2nd in the Advanced and Novice Freestyles, 2nd in the Grand Prix Special, 3rd in both of the Novice tests, 7th in the Preliminary on the same % as the forth place getter. And we got the State Pony Medium Champion with Karleah, Lynne Muller’s lovely mare. She has only had a few starts at this level. Such a darling pony, supa attitude, we will go the FEI on her!!!

What a time we had, some wonderful memories.

Thanks Girls!!!


Brisbane CDI 25-28 July 2013

Now we just got home from the Brisbane CDI, which included the QLD State Young Horse Titles. Basil had only three of his Babies there, one in each Young Horse class, judged by the Internationals:

Each of Basil’s Babies finished in the TOP 6 of each age group for the Brisbane CDI State Titles, with good strong fields with some imported horses and overseas breeding. We were very proud of Basil !!! *

Our two came home with a 4th and 5th place, with A Sydney Boy collecting an 8.2 for his walk!!!

Basil finished 6th place in the Inter 2, and missed out on a place in the GP, mmm, because we made just too many costly mistakes, just silly little ones. Oh well…

This weekend 3-4 August we have the Tweed Valley Dressage Championships. We will have CC and her little sister Penny going. Stay tuned…

* I have the last two of Basil’s Babies left for sale: A Secret Supa Hero (Secret) and A Snap Decision (Snap). Our former racehorse Vilajet (Villa) is also for sale.

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Great South Eastern Dressage Championships at Caboolture 12-14 July 2013

We took Basil, Sydney and CC to the Great South Eastern Dressage Championships at Caboolture, QLD. They all went very well and we came home with several wins.

We were first on at 8am in a big field with A Sydney Boy who did very well with 71% and won the Preliminary test. We are very happy with him. He stays in such a lovely frame and his flow of paces is so nice and effortless. Michaela and I just love him.

CC placed in a strong field of 30 horses in the Medium. She won the 6yo class and the Medium Freestyle. We were really happy with her attitude in the indoor, she shows her professionalism!!!

Basil won the Inter 2 and placed 3rd in the GP (with some cheeky mistakes, oops) and he came home with the Big Tour Championship Title.

Basil also had another one of his Babies take home the Novice Division B Championship Title.

So all in all, it was a very successful event for us and we had a great time.


Grafton Dressage Championships July 2013

We had a fine weekend with lots of sunshine, and the Grafton Dressage Championships were on. The horses went amazing, I think they even enjoyed getting out and showing off. We won:

  • Preliminary Champion Official and Associate with A Sydney Boy, he went so well.
  • A Spider Bite had her first go at Advanced and won the Championship.
  • Then she also won the Medium Championship.
  • Basil finished a Grand Prix with almost 64%, I was very happy with him. And he won the Grand Prix Special.

So we came home with 4 new beautiful woollen rugs, all sponsored by the major sponsor Valley Country. The horses will be wearing these rugs up at Caboolture 2 Star event this weekend!!!

A student who keeps her horse here at SDS won the walk/trot Champion, and two other of Basil’s Babes won the Novice Champion and the Reserve Champion.