A Secret for sale

Secret, warmblood gelding, by A'Seduction, Sally's Dressage Stables

Secret by A’Seduction as a 3yo in 2015

This is our last young boy by our grand Prix stallion A’Seduction. He is out of a Trakehner from the F-line. He is rising 3yo and about 15.3 hands now, which will make him a peeerfect height for competition, I think he will make around 16.2.

Secret is his name, and he has been under saddle and showed us that he has a very sensible head on his shoulders and therefore training him should be a fun journey.

He is for sale at the present moment for $15,000.00. I would like to do some more training on him over the Xmas break, maybe just some in hand work and a bit of lunging, then next year back into riding him. He is very sweet and a very nice mover, in his trot he seems to like to give the medium trot, you know “show off” stuff. J

If you think you might be interested in this fellow, please feel free to give me a call on 040207 888 2.

We also are training our racehorse over the summer break. I have been doing a lot of beach riding on him, he really enjoys this. It’s quite funny as the bush track we ride out along has got plenty of entertainment, a kinda like de-sensitising of the racehorse. We have seen wallabies, a big grey kangaroo, a huge goanna, snakes of course – it would’nt be an Australian Bush without, and last few weeks we have had black cockatoos flying over us, about 15 of them, and then on the beach we have seen the eagles. Well I guess I get to see them not so much Hef, our racehorse, since he is looking at the sand and surf….. We have even had 2 hornets fly past us, going extremely fast.

We are racing this Saturday, fingers crossed!!!!!! He should be the most trained and quietist race horse heading out onto the track, nothing should scare him!!!!

Peter Evans leading his racehorse to the track

Peter and our racehorse Hefner