Beachrider wanted

Sally Evans on Villa and Michaela on Sydney

I on Villa and Michaela on Sydney

This is Sydney and Michaela and I riding Villa on the beach on Saturday. We had a ball! It is so funny cause I think Sydney needs to learn how to GO!!!!!!!, so he can keep up with Vila, Peter’s racehorse (who has won a race and who is pretty fast), bred by Bart Cummings …

At the moment I am riding him on the beach every second day, but I have to have a mate with him, as he is not confident to go by himself. So anyone out there who rides on the beach, please let me know. We go with Dawn on her dressage pony Tim, and we have Sydney to teach how to GO. But I soon run out of dressage horses, and so I need a running supply of horses to ride with. (Maybe I should get Pete to don the breeches!!!!)

SO THIS SUMMER, we are going to put our concentrated efforts into Villa, and get him up and racing.