Dressage Lessons on A’Seduction and bitless training

ASeduction_Starbridle_4174_2012-1028Iris has introduced us to this new model of a bitless bridle from Germany. Here she is presenting our Grand Prix Stallion A’Seduction (aka Basil) for his third time only in this bitless bridle, caught on photograph in the midst of flying changes, October 2012. She says:

It’s a beautiful experience to ride a horse in advanced movements who responds to ‘the push of a button’. You learn how the horse should feel at this level. And what is more, riding bitless focuses both horse and rider on seat and leg aids, and on the most important aim of dressage overall, that is riding truely independent of the reins. A’Seduction is a true gentleman and team player at all of this.

Sally is now offering Dressage Lessons on A’Seduction.