One week to Sydney CDI 2013

Just back from judging at the Tamworth Dressage Championships and exhausted. Now have a big week to get ready for the CDI. We have an amazing team of girls going:
and Lizzie.

Charlie and Peter will stay home and have a holiday together :-)

Every year I am soo focused into training and making the journey to the Sydney CDI and I let Bas know we are preparing for this event and we both have to be right on top of our game…… and then about 2 or 3 or so weeks out, Basil seems to hurt himself, like something small – a hoof stone bruise, or one year a slight colic attack, or he’ll be playing in his paddock and give a little twist to a fetlock. And then this makes my plans and final preparation totally panic and upset…… SO THIS YEAR we have not told him he is going. In fact, we are telling him that his two girls are off to the event and he is to stay home with Peter and Charlie and just sit back and look after the place. And soo far – mmmm touch wood – nothing has happened!!!

At the last three events we have been to, a ‘Basil Baby’ has won classes at each one of them. At Grafton we have won five classes. Even at Tamworth, one of his 5yo girls did win!

Let’s hope we can keep the flag flying high at the CDI…… mmmm!!!

Peter and Charlie on Xmas Eve 2012

Peter and Charlie on Xmas Eve 2012. Photo: IB