Qld State Champs 2013

The Qld State Champs, very hot days, high temps of 36 degrees. 5 horses and I rode 25 times in 3 days. A marathon. I even had to go and buy some bike shorts with padding in the bottoms. He he!!! I have the most amazing team of fellow riders and lovers of Dressage to help me achieve this great effort. Sue, Lynne, Wendy and Felicia and Lizzie, they are all the most loving, caring and thoughtful girls you could have around you. They should be paid to go around the world grooming for world class dressage riders. Each horse was meticulously prepared and presented beautifully for me to ride. We had air conditioning in the van for instant quick recovery from the very warm riding conditions. It all worked amazingly well. I have come home feeling very well, even my sugars levels are pretty good.

As last year I was diagnosed with Diabeties, grruu bummer…..

Basil is so gentle and loved having any person in his stable with him, or Lizzie and Wendy taking him for a walk. Sydney and Penny were totally tired from standing in the stable and the heat, as they both laid down many times, even flat out like a pancake or Syd as big as he is, with his legs all folded up under him, looking very neat… Sue even had to plait him whilst he stayed laying down one time.

Karleah and CC seemed to get along pretty well, they acted like the true professional sportswomen!!!! A little grumbly in the faces at times but one hint of the carrot bag being opened and they have big happy faces on instantly :))

We came home with 2nd in the Advanced and Novice Freestyles, 2nd in the Grand Prix Special, 3rd in both of the Novice tests, 7th in the Preliminary on the same % as the forth place getter. And we got the State Pony Medium Champion with Karleah, Lynne Muller’s lovely mare. She has only had a few starts at this level. Such a darling pony, supa attitude, we will go the FEI on her!!!

What a time we had, some wonderful memories.

Thanks Girls!!!