Sydney CDI 2013

It was an eventful CDI this year, with not only riding 3 horses, but having 5 most wonderful Ladies assisting me. I only wish that we had done a little better in our success, but we were so happy with the way the horses all went. We took Basil (A’Seduction) for the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix Special, CC (A Spider Bite) and Penny (A Heaven Sent) in the 6yo and 5yo events.

Three years ago when Penny was a yearling, she loved to live in her paddock. She was
not really into the creature comforts of the stable. As she matured and went under saddle, she told me she wanted to stay barefoot for as long as she can. She loves being one with nature, our Pen, so I nicknamed her “my Nimbin Pony” (after the town of Nimbin here in the Northern Rivers), ‘cause she reminds of someone who would live there, someone who loves living with one in nature, and a balance of all things, with a little bit of magic on the side!!!

AND BOY did she live up to her nickname. She was so cool at the CDI, so relaxed and chilled. The girls were talking of hanging some posters up in her stable of rolling pastures and trees. Penny’s first really huge event and she showed an absolutely amazing attitude. Pen put in a good run in her first round of the young horse championships. Considering she has done 2 other young horse classes, both achieving 71%, we were all pretty shocked to see the judges did not respond to her this time. But oh well, I do have the thought that these YH classes are a bit biased, (a little like the Hack ring): big names, big horses, powerful movement. But Pen, she has it, attitude and power, but the judges did not consider this today. Oh well. She will make the most amazing competition horse for some very lucky rider, and right now I want to campaign her onto higher levels and get her changes and half passes happening.

CC is completely different to her little sis. We call her our OH&S girl, cause, man oh man, she is right on top of it all: safety, safety, safety comes first. CC must make sure the environment is safe, the conditions are up to 5 Star, (as that is what she is accustomed too), and then she will perform. She went so fantastic. CC had to compete in the main GP arena, so it is all dressed up with pot plants and 5 judges boxes, and flags and signs and all, BUT CC excelled and gave me the trust, that bond you have with your horses, and she went so great – she finished 5th only, 1% off placing 3rd, with the horses in front of her all having been imported into AUS. CC did the same at the Qld YH championships last year. She will be a Grand Prix horse of the future. Both her parents are GP competitors, so she is a very lucky girl. Sue and I completely enjoy training her and her antics keep us laughing!!

Basil on the other hand, he was told for weeks leading up to the CDI that he was not going, until the night before. Then he saw us packing and preparing his horse float and parking near his stable for a quick getaway in the morning. So he arrived there almost so relaxed, it too was funny. Unfortunately due to my hand having been broken last year, poor Bas had not even been out to a competition for 7 months or more and I think it was a bit of a shock to him. He must have thought he was in a type of semi retirement, just training at home, and he has a student who has a lesson on him every week. But to his credit, considering that most of the other horses had been to many events in the last several months leading up to this prestigious 3 Star international show, I was very happy with his effort in the Grand Prix. The international judge from the Netherlands had never seen us before and he gave us 7’s for Piaffe and 7’s for our transition out into Passage. This I was very happy to see as I had been working on this. It was good to see credit for my training. The centre line judge had us in 11th place. So you see I would like to have had a better result, (maybe finish in the top ten), but I was most satisfied and happy with my man Basil, and he too was very happy doing his test.

And my 5 lovely ladies were absolutely fantastic, and really spoilt me so much. I felt like a princess, with a team of horses and a great team of supporters.

It was a great fun CDI this year.

Here are Wendy, Amelia and Sue. Missing are Lizzie, Poppy and – Sally – she must be the one being watched!

Here are Wendy, Amelia and Sue. Missing are Lizzie, Poppy and – Sally – she must be the one they keep an eye on!