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Our travels to Victoria

It’s been twice in the last four months that I have seen the sites of Romsey in Victoria. They seem to be cold, dry and sometimes windy, those type of breezes that just go straight through you, too lazy to go around you… and dry, did I say dry, in the horse paddocks, the grass is long and appears plenty of it, but almost a light brown to grey colour. But yet the horses all look very well, especially two lovely Thoroughbreds, Tosca and Peg.

Iris and Tosca at their place in Romsey after dark, 2014

Iris and Tosca at their place in Romsey after dark, 2014

This is the place where ‘Iris’ lives… For way over 10 years now Iris has sponsored me by completely looking after the Sally Evans Dressage site. She not only puts up all the updates, but Iris has totally designed the site right from scratch. Any time day or night I will email through more results or pictures to be posted and within a day it’s there!!! Today this site is amazing!!! I just love it.

I mentioned twice I have visited Iris in the last few months. In December of 2014, Sue and I fly down to stay with Iris, and this was for me to attend and sit my B level dressage judges accreditation. And for this exam, I needed a person to write for me, in every single movement of 25 movements for 26 horses for this exam at Werribee. That is 650 comments…!!! That’s quite a lot of hand writing to do. Iris said, “ oh yeah, I’ll do it for you Sally”, and I said, “do you know what you’re going to be doing? It’s going to be full on, horse after horse and I need to put a comment in for every single movement for each test”, “ I can do it “. And I have to admit, that Iris was terrific, so efficient and kept right up with me and all the things you have to comment and say, she gave me confidence. I passed my exam!! I highly recommend Iris for any further writing!!! So for the 3 days we were there, Iris looked after us and shared her wonderful Vegan cooking with us and we met Tosca, her ex-racehorse, who she is training for dressage. And he is a sweetie too.

Iris and Peter at Inglis Thoroughbred Sales at Oaklands, March 2015

Iris and Peter at Inglis Thoroughbred Sales at Oaklands, March 2015

Then just last weekend, Peter and I went to the Inglis Tried Racehorse sale at Oaklands, Melbourne. We were going to buy a new racehorse for ourselves to train, but the 2 that we really liked were sold for just out of our budget range. And we were very obedient to our exact type of horse that we wished to have, cause really we could have easily bought home a couple of them.

Peter and Iris with Tosca at their place in Romsey, March 2015

Peter and Iris with Tosca at their place in Romsey, March 2015

And this trip Peter had the time to share with Iris and her horses feeding them, changing rugs, as they are both very spoilt horses. And we enjoyed some lovely home cooked meals in the gorgeous almost European picturesque cottage.

THANKS IRIS so much, you’ve been a wonderful supporter of me and my horses and my riding over so many years, and I really appreciate all the enormous time you have spent on the site, or being at events or at home and taking beautiful photographs of our horses.

Iris taken a photograph of Sally Evans riding A'Seduction at SDS, 2010

Iris taken a photograph of Basil and I in the mirror at our place, July 2010


Russian Lights (Villa) competing in dressage

How good is this new boy going!! He had his first ever day out yesterday and was brilliantly behaved and went oh so well!! One can see he is still green at this dressage game, but he kept it all together and went super. He is now well on his way towards a successful life as an equestrian horse. Here he is ridden by young rider, Poppy Ellis-Southwell.

‘Russian Lights’ price has gone to $4,750. Potential all over him.

Below is the link to his Preliminary 1.3 test

And here is the link to a snippet of him warming up before the test… can hear Peter chatting in the background to one of his friends about football of all things.


Upcoming events

Vilayet in his racing days at Lismore race track, Dec 2012, who will now be known in the dressage arena as "Russian Lights"

Vilayet in his racing days at Lismore race track, Dec 2012, who will now be known in the dressage arena as “Russian Lights”

This coming Saturday is the last of the twilight series. Our clever little ex-racehorse, Villa, will be having his ‘Maiden start’ in a dressage competition. We have given him a new name to commence his dressage career… ’Russian Lights’, a name that I think really suits him. We came up with it because he is by the stallion Fantastic Light and his racing name was of Russian origin.

Peter and his racehorse Vilayet studying the form guide, March 2014

Peter and Villa checking out the racing form !!!

The following weekend, I am off on a road trip with Wendy to go judging at Hastings Valley Dressage Club. This should be good fun, Wendy and I always have a great time when we go off judging together. I sat and passed my B level judging last year and now Wen is going to go for hers this year, so we will probably see her at some of the CDIs, as she will be Shadow Judging. Good Luck Wendy xo

Oops, I forgot to throw in the date of the 20th, as we maybe going to a Racehorse auction in Victoria, yes!! you heard right, we are now looking for another racehorse to play with. Well, I don’t mean literally play with, I mean serious to train as a racehorse, as we have our Owner/Trainer Licence. This horse, whether it is a mare or gelding, needs to be easy to ride as I will probably be doing most of the work on the racetrack and I would also want to be able to ride it on the beach. So it does need to be reasonable to ride, and I will probably give it more dressage training as well. This racehorse will have the most unbelievable life as our racehorse… very spoilt… a beautiful grassy paddock to go into every day… lots of treats… beach rides… pampering body treatments…

April, Easter long weekend, I have been invited to coach and lecture at the Dressage Unravelled clinic at Caboolture.

NOW we are into the start of 3 weekends in a row of Dressage Competitions, going with Spider Bite, and Heaven Sent and with GODSPEED.

12 April Caboolture 1 Star Event with Spider and Heaven
18 April QSEC Event with just Spider
19 April Bangalow NSW with all 3 of them

Sally Evans: Pink Roses

26 April NADEC Gold Coast with the girls!! The final hit out for the Spider before we do ‘Meditation on the Beach’ and pack up the new gooseneck of Sue’s and head down the Pacific Highway for the Sydney CDI on 5-10 May. I will get to have my birthday at home for a change instead of on the road. You know, I just don’t know how many of these CDIs I have been too, I think we competed at one of the first ones at the new ex Olympic Venue at SIEC, and I think I have also competed at one of the first ones ever started at Lochinvar, yes folks, that was way back!! Oh man its great to advance forward in years of experience!!!!!!

22-24 May Toowoomba Championships, we maybe take all 3 of them, as Anne will be back and so that means that Scuba will have his own Chariot and driver.

30 May QSEC again this time for both girls. Spider will need to be preparing herself for the Brisbane CDI, where we will have our new Intermediate Freestyle, and QSEC is the venue for this.

31 May Bangalow Member Championships for the two younger ones, being Heaven Sent and GODSPEED.

Penny and Sally Evans in a lesson with Brett Parbery.

A Heaven Sent (Penny) and Sally, April 2014


Dear friends from the USA

Nick and Patti at SDS, March 2015

Nick and Patti at SDS, March 2015

We had a great day with Patti and Nick. We made this Fennel salad and it was delicious, such a yummy amazing fresh salad to eat. We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon watching Peter’s favourite sports on Foxtel, being racing and cricket. Australia lost the match but we did back some winners on the track. Then the three of us ‘doned the tweed into the pigskin’!! (Its an old saying, from way back in my youth!!)

A lovely afternoon with our dear friends from the USA.

Nick, Sally and Patti, March 2015

Nick, Sally and Patti, March 2015


Back from Orange CDI 2015

Sue and I were impressed with CC for this trip as she seemed much more mature, with the whole experience and competing. Although at times she does get a bit overwhelmed with the event and the atmosphere and unfortunately that is reflected in her scores, as a few tiny mistakes crept in. But it was only her third Intermediate 1. We will post some photos of C at Orange as soon as we get some.

So we are back home and already working on our areas to improve.

We had a day of beach riding this morning… meditation for CC and going really fast for Penny…!!!

The two girls are off to Grafton this Sunday, CC to do the Small Tour and Penny is going Medium.


Upcoming events – Orange CDI 2015 and Grafton

A Spider Bite (CC)

A Spider Bite (CC)

We are off to Orange CDI with CC in a week’s time and CC will be doing the Small Tour. We went last year and really enjoyed ourselves and CC placed in the Advanced classes. This year, they have record entries with very strong fields in the Small Tour and the Grand Prix.

We will leave on Monday and arrive there Tuesday, give her a work out and then on Wednesday is the official Trot Up for the International classes. CC will be ‘dolled up’ in her beautiful led bridle, as if she is being taken to the Royale Show… Then the next 3 days we will have a class each day!!! The first is the Prix St Georges, then the Intermediate 1 and, fingers crossed, we will qualify for the Intermediate Freestyle… then Sunday we will drive home.

The following weekend we will be at Grafton competing on CC and Penny.


Australia Day at SDS

I on Penny and Lizzie on Scuba, Australia Day 2015 at SDS

I on Penny and Lizzie on Scuba, Australia Day 2015 at SDS

These are Penny and Scuba aka ‘A Heaven Sent’ and ‘Godspeed’, both 7 years old, one 16h and the other one 17h.

I on Penny and Lizzie on Scuba, Australia Day 2015 at SDS

I on Penny and Lizzie on Scuba, Australia Day 2015 at SDS

They were born in the same year and grew up together in the same paddock and here they are for the first time together on the arena!!!! Lizzie and her fiancée, Dan, came for a visit to see us on Australia Day 2015 , and up she jumped onto Scuba, let’s go for a ride…

Scuba and Penny, November 2007

Scuba and Penny, November 2007

Scuba and Penny, November 2007

Scuba and Penny, November 2007

Scuba and Penny, 18 March 2008

Scuba and Penny, 18 March 2008

Scuba and Penny, 18 March 2008

Scuba and Penny, 18 March 2008

Penny and Scuba, 18 March 2008

Penny and Scuba, 18 March 2008


Villa – Show hack or just a nice riding horse

Villa is still for sale for $2,500. He is a steel at this price. He is just improving all the time. He has a lovely big rhythmical stride and is a forward thinking boy!!!! Someone will have some Major fun with Villa!!!!

Vilajet, thoroughbred, in training by Sally Evans, at Sally's Dressage Stables, for sale

Villa suits a young rider. He has very nice action, 3 active under paces, and is suited for dressage and hacking.

He is the Beach Boy extrodinaire, he loves riding on the beach, and loves to eat pears!!

Vilajet, thoroughbred, in training by Sally Evans, at Sally's Dressage Stables, for sale

Villa, November 2014

Villa will without a doubt turn into a super looking show hack. Villa has been ridden by me for most of his work on the racetrack and of course his beach rides. I ride him in a dressage saddle and snaffle, even on the track. He has a nice snaffle mouth and has been cared for and spoilt and looked after for the last 3 1/2 years by us. He loves life.

I believe Villa will make someone a very reliable horse (and a pretty one too).

Villa at SDS in trot work (snaffle only), January 2015:

Villa at SDS in canter right lead, January 2015:

Villa at SDS jumping, filmed with iphone, January 2015:

Villa at SDS in trot work with young rider, November 2014:


Winni – Warmblood filly for sale / SOLD

Update: Winni has been sold to a dressage rider in the ACT to begin a “dressage diva” future. She is a gorgeous mare.

Winni (ASpannerintheworks) by A'Seduction warmblood Grand Prix stallion, for sale.

Winni at SDS, December 2014

Winni (ASpannerintheworks) by A'Seduction warmblood Grand Prix stallion, for sale

Winni at SDS, December 2014

Winni is just turning 4 yo. She is a bay filly by Basil (Grand Prix Warmblood Stallion A’Seduction). She is about 15.1 hh now and she should mature to 15.3 hh.

Winni has been lightly ridden under saddle for about 5 months now, she is a smart and active type of girl. Her trot already has got some gears in it, when you are riding her, you feel like she could go bigger and then even bigger again!!

Winni is for sale for $9,000. The first person to come ride, I think they will buy her!

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Far North Coast and NADEC Dressage Championships, and Rodrigo Matos Clinic, Sep 2014

Portrait of A Spider Bite with name plate

A Spider Bite 2014

We are off to a three day clinic with Rodrigo this weekend at Grafton, with the two girls. Looking forward to working on the piaffe and passage and the flying changes with both of them!!!!!

The Far North Coast NSW Dressage Championships held at lovely Bangalow was on three weeks ago and we took all 3 of our A’seduction progeny. We came home with two Championships and a Reserve.

A Sydney Boy won both Preliminary classes with over 70% tests. He even got a “9” from a Grand Prix judge from Sydney!!! She loved him!!!

A Heaven Sent came second in both the Elementary classes. It seems she is always the bridesmaid!!!!

A Spider Bite came second in the Prix St Georges. Yes she was a bit cheeky and had a few breaks of pace, ooppps!!, and then she won the Intermediate 1 and got the Champion.

The weekend after that, we took Spider Bite up to the NADEC Gold Coast Championships. We did the two Advanced to prepare her for the Nationals at the end of October. CC did two nice tests and won both with 70% and 71%. She brought another beautiful woolen championship rug home.

Sue and I are very happy with her and in fact, all three of them, they are supa horses.


TVEG Dressage Championships

Penny went to the TVEG Dressage Championships recently and she did the two Elementary tests. She came 3rd in the first one. She was a little worried about the freshly laid sand on the grass with tractor tyre marks, but she still got a 68% and I was happy with her. Then on the next day she went very nice and won with a 70%.

She got Reserve Champion !!!!!

I did some more shadow judging at Tweed, as I am aiming to sit my B-level judging exam at the Nationals this year. )))

I really like the judging, its fun and great learning.

Penny 2011


Villa won the Lismore Trial 26 July 2014

Vilayet, Pete's racehorse, at the end of his Lismore Trial 26.7.2014, which he won

Villa and us, Lismore Trial 26.7.2014

Peter is very happy with this trial result. Today is Wednesday and Vil is feeling very fantastic, after pulling up well, eating up all his feed, and having a MRTT from Angela.

We are wrapping him up in cotton wool and trying to plan the next step, the race!!!!!


Grafton Dressage Championships 5-6 July 2014

Two weekends before we did the Grafton Dressage Championships. We took down all 3 of our competition horses, CC, Sydney and Penny.

CC did the Small Tour. She was very tense for the PSG and came third and then she stepped out and was way more into it. She did her first ever Intermediate 1 and she won with a score of 64%. She came home with a Reserve Champion.

Penny did the Elementary tests each day. She came second in each one beaten by another A’Seduction Baby, so of course we got another Reserve Championship. Penny was such a gallant girl. Only month before she has had another operation on her eyelid to have a tumor removed, and she had really only had about 10 days of some work towards this show. Pen has the most amazing attitude.

Sydney Boy, he went into two classes each day as he competed in the Preliminary and the Novice. Sydney came home with the Preliminary Championship Sash!!!!! Just missed out on the Novice Reserve Champ. We were very happy with him.

I had a few students competing against me at this Championship, and to my surprise Amelia and Lorraine beat me!!!!! Well done girls )))))))))) Luv you for it!!!!! Lorraine won the other Preliminary Championship!!!

And Lynne on her pony Karleah got the win in one Elementary and second in the other, for another Reserve Championship, very good scores…


Poppy winning at the Australian Young Rider Championships 2014

Poppy Ellis-Southwell and B'Seduced  (aka Mr Tickles), winner of the Elementary Freestyle, Australian Young Rider Championship 2014

Poppy Ellis-Southwell and B’Seduced (aka Mr Tickles), winner Elementary Freestyle, Australian Young Rider Championship 2014, QLD State Equestrian Centre, Caboolture 9-10 July

Poppy and her little boy Mr Tickles shined with a winning time at the 2014 Australian Young Rider Championships.

They won the Elementary Freestyle and placed 3rd in one class and 6th in the other, absolutely fantastic result.

I am soo very proud of Poppy and Mr T, I am lucky to have the pleasure to train these two.

Poppy_2014 Australian Young Rider Championships_2014-07


Tweed Valley Dressage Group Jackpot Event 22 June

We took CC and Sydney Boy up to the Tweed Valley Dressage Group Jackpot event. They had two classes with Jackpot winnings, the Preliminary and the Novice class.

CC did her two Advanced classes and won both of them, her first test was just a supa one, even the judge came up to me after and said WOW, she had never given so many 7’s. It was exciting to hear such wonderful feedback. Its funny ’cause CC often does her best test on the first one of the day, like the PSG at Caboolture, when she finished 3rd. CC just loves this sport!!

Then Sydney Boy had to do his 2 tests, both the jackpots, and to our surprise he also won both classes, with over 71%. Again the judge came up to me and mentioned that she loved his uphill canter.

Sydney was a very good boy to ride and behaved himself, so when we got home I said to Sue, lets get him going now and do the 5yo class at the Brisbane CDI.

What a day!!!!!!

Its so nice to have these Babies of my darling stallion Basil, that we bred and have nurtured through to competing them, and they are going so well.

And by the way, Basil is having an absolute BALL with Alison in WA, he adores her.

Basil and Alison in the Swan Valley in Perth, Feb 2014

Basil in his new home with Alison in the Swan Valley in WA, Feb 2014. Photo: IB

Basil and Alison in the Swan Valley in Perth, Feb 2014

Basil and Alison in the Swan Valley in WA, Feb 2014. Photo: IB


Caboolture 2Star event 13-15 June 2014

Sally Evans and A Spider Bite in Caboolture, QLD State Equestrian Centre

CC and Sally entering the indoor arena, QLD State Equestrian Centre 15.6.2014

We took CC who went in the PSG and came 3rd, such a good girl, she was amazing to ride.

She also won the Advanced Freestyle and came 5th in both Advanced classes.

Originally we had the three horses going to this event (CC, Sydney and Penny), but some little mishaps and and we were down to one. We had already organised the van to sleep and many good friends to come and join us in this fun. So then we had almost a party at Caboolture because of many people and not much to do with just CC. We also had Lynne join us with her pony Karleah. She did the Elementary and came 2nd and 3rd and just missed out on a reserve championship.

We had a great time with many visitors: we had Lizzie, Felicia, my cousins Jemela, Alison and Sam, and we had my Dad visit. Dad even took Charlie up to see my Mum (who is in a home now). We had Jean visit, and Michaela and her two puppies, and we had our top chef/connoisseur of healthy food, Iris (who makes this amazing site for me and many of the photographs). Iris cooked us the most delicious 5 plate vegen meal, which we all gobbled up. It was lovely.

Good times!!!!!

My Fav legend.......Lynne. With Karleah, and I and CC in the background.

My Fav legend…….Lynne. With Karleah, and I and CC in the background. Photo: IB

CC's float

CC’s float. Photo: IB


Sydney CDI 2014

Sydney CDI 2014 Advanced Freestyle Presentation

Sydney CDI 2014 Advanced Freestyle Presentation

Well we had a great Sydney CDI this year. The classes were very strong with lots of wonderful horses.

The highlight of the whole CDI for us was CC finishing 2nd in the Advanced Freestyle with 69%. (Her Dad won this many years ago). In the Prix St Georges CDN, she finished a very close 7th with some silly little mistakes. But in the Advanced class of 35 horses, CC put together a supa test to finish 5th place. But then she got a bit tense in the other one, oh … well.

Our little girl Penny went to this event to accompany her big Sister. She ended up with a score in equal 6th position and was awarded 7th place with a huge sash.

The year is really moving now. CC and Penny they both just try so hard to get it all right, we were so impressed with them. Good Girls!!!